NEW 2000 self car wash

Are you thinking big? Go for the NEW 2000 self-service car wash. The perfect car wash for two or more washing boxes! The NEW 2000 is an innovative self-service car wash installation with intelligent control and a separate technical space. With or without building, it’s up to you.

Self service car wash operation

with high tech glass control panel

Control panels

The control panels of the NEW 2000 have a modern look with seven different washing programs with stop. You use ‘piezo’ push-buttons to simply and quickly activate the required program. And obviously in your own language. Even a combination of 2 different languages is an option! The control panel has the following features:

  • Stainless steel front panel
  • A maximum of 7 + 1 washing programs
  • Activation of washing programs by touch control
  • Digital reading on the display by standard VT monitoring system with touchscreen

You decide where these control panels are fitted yourself: integrated in the building’s support pillars (type D4) or as a free-standing totem arrangement (type D5).

NEW 2000 D4

Fully stainless steel self-service car wash construction with tinted glass partition walls and operation in the building’s support pillars.

NEW 2000 D5

Fully stainless steel self-service car wash construction with tinted glass partition walls and free-standing totem arrangement.

NEW 2000 with building

Is your choice the NEW 2000 with building? An excellent choice! The building is fully in stainless steel with transparent and UV-resistant polycarbonate roof panels. The washing boxes are separated by partition walls for optimal comfort for your customers. It is obviously ‘vandalism-proof’ and available in various colors.
You can choose from 2 types of walls:

  • Sandwich panels
  • Clear or tinted glass partition walls in hardened glass (vandalism-proof) and available in various colors.

Intruder-proof technical space

The NEW 2000 self-service car wash is provided with a separate technical space as standard. All machines and appliances, the supply tanks and the payment terminal are installed inside. The space itself is a self-supporting construction in micro-rib sandwich panels and in a color that perfectly matches the whole of your car wash building.

NEW 2000 without building

The NEW 2000 can also be installed without building, for example in an existing space or in your own car wash building. We call this an indoor self-service car wash solution.

Peripheral equipment

Besides the technology and the car wash building, we also provide and install all the necessary peripheral equipment for an optimum customer service at the self-service car wash.

See the peripheral equipment