Peripheral equipment

Besides the technology and the car wash building, we also provide and install all the necessary peripheral equipment for an optimum customer service at the self-service car wash.

Slewing arms

There is choice from various of models slewing arms. Single, double or triple for wall fastening or ceiling attachment. All are made of stainless steel in line with DiBO’s quality requirements.

Lances, brushes, lance holders

Single or double lance and brush holders are installed depending on the washing programs selected. These are in stainless steel. The holders are provided with a flow system for the drainage of the water from the closed or open anti-frost system.

Vacuum cleaners

DiBO installs vacuum cleaners that are built into a stainless steel housing. They are provided with a control panel with coin validator and a long suction hose with suspension bracket. The vacuum cleaners are fitted on a concrete base close to the trash bin and mat beater. For the interior cleaning facilities at your self-service car wash DiBO offers you a number of options of different types of vacuum cleaners.

  • a single or double version
  • fitted with a 1350W or 2250W turbine motor
  • available as single-phase or triple-phase
  • one can opt for a mechanical coin validator that works with tokens or coins. Or there is an electronic coin validator which can be programmed for different currencies.

Options for the vacuum cleaners:

  • anti-vandalism kit
  • vacuum cleaner connection to the VT monitoring system

Drying system

This system is particularly in high demand in the Scandinavian countries. Each box has a manual car wash dryer. This enables the car to be blown dry after washing. It gives a remarkable result combined with an osmosis system. Also useful to prevent residual water from freezing between the door surrounds, for example.

Mat beater and trash bin

To offer an optimum service to the user of your self-service car wash there is a vacuum cleaner island with associated trash bin and mat beater. Trash bins can also be installed in the washing box itself.