High pressure cleaners

A professional high-pressure cleaner tailored to your needs

Choosing a high-pressure cleaner? We see that as tailor-made work: there is a model for each and every job. At DiBO we have a cleaning solution to meet any requirements. We will be pleased to advise you on which model of industrial high-pressure cleaners fits your needs, what pressure your appliance requires (our sprayers vary from 90 to 1000 bar) and what your best choice of motor is. We select the ideal high-pressure sprayer/high-pressure cleaner for your company, along with the accessories to make things even easier for you. We offer you a specific tailor-made solution with a huge amount of industrial knowledge to call upon.

Cold water high pressure

From highly compact and manoeuvrable machines, to the multifunctional and rock-solid versions – you are guaranteed to find the perfect cold water high-pressure cleaner in the DiBO range. Whether you are in search of a machine for the construction, automotive or agricultural sector, or just for the home. We have a design for each and every cleaning job: stable, façade or vehicle cleaning… you name it, we have it.
At the front a DiBO hot water high pressure washer IBH-L. In the back you see a person in protective clothes who cleans a truck

Hot water high pressure cleaners

A top quality hot water high-pressure cleaner is exactly what you need if you want a spotless workplace, factory or business premises. The combination of hot water and high pressure does the magic.

It doesn’t matter what you want to clean or how dirty it is. DiBO machines can be deployed for any daily, stubborn cleaning jobs and leave every corner immaculately clean.
In front a hot water high-pressure trailer DiBO JMB-ME. At the back, a person in protective clothing using high pressure to remove graffiti under a bridge

High pressure trailers

In search of a way to easily clean façades, roofs and glazed surfaces? Or do you want a real bruiser to take care of heavy industrial cleaning? The DiBO high-pressure trailer is your first-class partner for all cleaning jobs.

Innovation is our middle name. Because with the DiBO trailer-mounted mobile high-pressure cleaner you get the latest technological innovations in your armoury: GreenBoiler, track-and-trace system and digital operation with joystick. And this can be as a trailer, fitted unit or skid. It’s up to you.

Industrial stationary cleaning installations

Stationary high-pressure cleaning installations are purpose-built for very intensive, frequent and long-term use. They are available as a one-piece or multi-piece unit.

Each version exists in many different motor pump combinations. Suitable for a wide range of cleaning jobs, such as cleaning production areas, ships, drilling rigs, slaughterhouses ... as well as in various branches of the food industry.

Customisation is our strength here!

A wide range of high-pressure sprayers from DiBO

We have various professional cold water and hot water high-pressure cleanershigh-pressure trailers and stationary high-pressure cleaners in our range. Each one of them is a true bruiser to guarantee you the best results. We will be pleased to advise you on which DiBO high-pressure cleaner will best fit your needs. Custom-made work is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

Our team of specialists is constantly innovating and developing, so we frequently come up with new machines or improvements to existing models. We also make use of the latest technology: the GreenBoiler, the Dual Power Heating System, the track and trace system and digital operation with joystick, to mention but a few technologies. Our powerful machines are highly suitable for professional and industrial use: shipping, industry, façade cleaning, graffiti removal, etc. We are at home in all markets.

Different models of DiBO pressure washers in professional design and green colour, are ready for powerful cleaning performance.

Purchase a professional DiBO high-pressure cleaner

Purchasing a DiBO high-pressure cleaner gives you the guarantee of high quality and service in line with the DiBO standards:

  • Unprecedented power and performance in all possible working conditions
  • Unparalleled quality and reliability
  • A very long working life
  • Low maintenance
  • Amazing manoeuvrability combined with an extremely robust construction