Tram washer

Stationary installation

Tram wash is an application which deviates a lot from the other washing principles for rail-bound vehicles. A tram often has specific shapes, deviating doors, windows with diverging forms and even non standard mirrors.

DiBO was able to develop for each type of tram a wash installation which cleans the vehicle driving-through. Of course, in the future new tram types will be developped, but the DiBO is ready to once again find the ideal solution.

Gantry washing

In situations where there is sufficient space and time to clean the tram stationary (parked), we advise to install a wash gantry. For situations with an overhead wire, it is possible to choose a gantry in 2 parts, the so-called DiBO-TBW.

Benefits of gantry washing:

  • the gantry can wash the tram at variable speeds
  • the gantry can also wash the front and the back, and even the vertical sides between coupled trams
  • this way the washing process is very intensive and thus doesn’t have to take place that often