Cleaning innovation - Detail is our mission

Profile of a white rollover carwash in which no car is washed. Red capital letters D, B and O with lowercase i between D and B decorate the machine


Modern, clean, futuristic, dynamic and with clear features that distinguish Aquarama’s washing roll-overs range.

The new Hi-Line claddings set-up looks to the future, meeting at the same time the needs of aesthetics and functionality.

The graphic and textual representations of the washing phases, the functions of the positioning
traffic light, the customizable communications, meet the needs of practicality, clarity and aesthetics.

The led vertical walls are available in different sizes.

Front and rear the Hi-Lights, luminous inserts on the top claddings, creep into the darkness for a
sure scenic effect.

At the front and rear, Hi-Lights in the rollover's upper trim provide a spectacular effect in the dark

Standard features

4 black rollover wash gantry high-pressure nozzles mounted on grey metal support bar

High pressure in the lead

High pressure pumps system for an effective and accurate pre-washing.
Flow rate at 42, 84 or 126 l/min. Storage tank. Available into insulated outdoor cabinet or mounted on frame for technical room.

A tilted high-pressure spray bar cleans under the car's spoiler. A large green arrow indicates the large radius of action of the spray bar

An innovation that makes the difference

Washing function under rear spoiler (patent pending)
Detection of the position of the rear spoiler and related cleaning with high pressure contour following system.

Hydro-pneumatic group in the technical supporting column of the roll over carwash

Hydro-pneumatic group

New group consisting of islands of high-tech electro-valves controlled directly by Ethercat.

  • Water valves pneumatically controlled
  • Pneumatic dosing pumps
  • 10 L modular chemical tanks
State-of-the-art switchboard built in the supporting column of the roll over car wash

State-of-the-art switchboard

  • Up to 5 inverters that manage 7 controlled movements
  • Next Generation PLC
  • Communication and data exchange by Ethercat
Drying bar of rollover carwash with large fans on the sides. All entirely in stainless steel.

Rotax, the 360° adjustable drying blade

  • High effi ciency drying with electric fans at 1450 rpm /min, large flow rate and maximum silence.
  • Upper conveyor in stainless steel to follow the profi le, adjustable to 360 ° 
  • 2 upper fans of 3 kW
  • 2 side fans of 4 kW
Anti-fall locking system of the drying blade and the horizontal brush


  • Warning notice about loosening of the lifting straps.
  • Anti-fall locking system of the drying blade and the horizontal brush.
Benvenuto: Pictured in Italian on his LED wall, the roll over welcomes his car wash customers.

Vertical and horizontal led wall

The roll-over is equipped with an horizontal LED wall composed of modules on which graphic GIF are transmitted showing the washing phases.

The LED walls positioned on the doors are also modular and perform the same function. The classic traffi c light gives way to a cutting-edge and technologically advanced communication.

Stainless steel wheel washer

The reversal of rotation and inclination of the brush allows a thorough cleaning of the rims of every dimension. (Optional)

Product specificaties


  • Galvanized and painted steel frame
  • ABS claddings
  • Direct roll-over towing by inverter
  • High strength aeronautical riveting
  • General fasteners in stainless steel

Vertical brushes

  • Galvanized steel single beam guide
  • Electric movement by inverter
  • Rotation and electronic power control by inverter
  • Overlapping on the front and back of the car
  • Side inclination and locking by pneumatic cylinder
  • Tow hooks safety

Horizontal brusch

  • Electric lifting by inverter
  • Rotation and electronic power control by inverter
  • Stainless steel guides
  • Fall arrest safety system


  • Horizontal stainless steel blade to follow the profi le, adjustable on 360° by motorized control with inverter
  • Electric lifting by inverter
  • Stainless steel guides
  • Side drying with 2 electric fans
  • Fall arrest safety system

Standard equipment

  • Hydraulic system with electro-valves and dedicated ramps
  • Dosing pump for shampoo
  • Dosing pump for wax
  • Control terminal placed into a wall technopolymer box with 7” colour touchscreen display
  • 5 inverters
  • Self-Service predisposition fully integrated into machine electronics
Rollover in operation but without water illustrates the operation of the WaveTech system that causes the distinctive swinging movement in the brushes
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The exclusive WaveTech system, thanks to the oscillating motion, simulates the manual wash, ensuring optimal results. The bristles rub cars’ body accurately and evenly, avoiding any washing GAP. This movement also generates a self-cleaning effect on the brush itself and a faster drying.

  • greater power in washing
  • delicacy and effectiveness on cars’ body for shiny results
  • uniformity of washing
  • attractive aesthetics/movement
Nice detail of the red LED lights of the starguide wheel guides reflecting in the wet carwash floor
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Starguide-Wheel guide rails


Stainless steel wheel guide rails available in the following sizes: 6, 9, 12 mt. 

The LED lights present on the wheel guide rails (green-forward, red-stop, yellow-backward), facilitate movements during the vehicle positioning phase. Multicolor LED lights accompany the entire washing cycle.

Blue LED-lit water falls onto the car in slow motion, while the wheels and underbody are illuminated in pink - Disco Car Wash
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Multicolor LED night lighting


Emotional and theatrical effect, especially in the evening or in shaded areas, thanks to the multicolor LED lighting, which works also during stand-by position.

Meerkleurige ledverlichting
A curtain of green foam falls down on the car as it is washed by the roll over
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The Rainfoam arch creates a sensory experience during wash. A rain of foam covers the car evenly, waiting for the high pressure rinse.

The multicolor LED bar accompanies the entire pre-washing phase.