Weed control machines

Weeds disappear ... with DiBO

Increasing numbers of authorities are prohibiting pesticides in the fight against weeds. So public services, schools, hospitals, crèches, care establishments, etc. must go in search of an alternative. In 2014 DiBO developed the ultimate solution: the WeedKiLLER, for the environmentally-friendly killing of weeds and moss using hot water.

As a weed control machine and high pressure cleaner in one, the WeedKILLER soon stood out as the ultimate multifunctional cleaning solution.

The second generation weed control machines

In the meantime DiBO has already been working on its second generation weed control machines. Powerful operation and the many advantages characterise these machines. The weed killers are equipped with the latest technologies and innovations such as the DiBO GreenBoiler, the ingenious TC system (Temperature Control), digital operation with joystick, heat-exchanger, motors that are stage 5 ready, track & trace (optional), etc.

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The hot water method

You tackle the problem ‘thoroughly’ with a DiBO. Using this hot water technology means killing weeds and moss in an effective way, and without pesticides. The hot water technology is based on thermal weed control, being the transfer of heat energy to the plant.

With the ingenious DiBO TC system (Temperature Control) our weed killing machines supply a constant temperature of 99 ° C in low pressure mode (= WK function). This has proved to be the ideal temperature for killing weeds.

Hot water weed control = the ultimate solution!

Today the hot water method has proved to be the safest and best solution for killing weeds and moss, without using pesticides. The hot water technology is based on thermal weed control, being the transfer of heat energy to the plant.

Spraying weeds and moss at a water temperature of exactly 99° C not only kills the weeds, the root and seeds of the plant are also destroyed. Because the plant is not able to flower or spread, there is also a preventive effect and weeds are kept away longer.

And nicest of all: our weed control machines also work as high pressure cleaners. Available in different versions.


  • minimal environmental impact: research has demonstrated that hot water is the most effective alternative to pesticides
  • Highly effective: Three treatments per year suffice (depending on the weeds and the weather conditions during application)
  • Kills just about all kinds of weeds
  • For use on any surface
  • Multifunctional: weed and moss killer, high pressure sewer and paving cleaner
  • For use by two persons at the same time
  • Safe: temperature, pressure and water flow protection