Bogie washer

To wash the undercarriages, the so-called bogies, of passenger trains and locomotives, DiBO also has solutions. In our installation, the DiBO PH 30 XL, all complete and loose parts of the bogie can be washed. The washing installation can be equipped with systems to wash with cold and warm water, but also with diverse kinds of cleansers which were developed especially for different types of dirt.

The bogie wash installation can be expanded with a fully automatic bottom washer RCWA 30 XL which cleans the bottom of all parts. The bottom washer can drive on extra tracks mounted in existing or new excavations, but also has the possibility to drive in the lowest profile part of the train rails.

The installation can be executed with a Teach-in system. The washing programmes are simulated in “dry” condition by means of a remote control with joystick and saved in the machine through the software. The saved washing programmes can later be chosen from the database and used to clean the entire or parts of the bogie fully automatically.

Technical equipment is mounted on location or in pre-mounted technical containers.