Advanced technology for a lasting success and reliability

Product specifications


  • Galvanized and painted steel frame
  • ABS claddings *
  • Direct gantry drive with inverter
  • High resistance aviation type rivets
  • Stainless steel bolts

Vertical brushes

  • Galvanized steel single beam guide rail
  • Electric motion
  • Double brushing on front and rear of the car
  • Tilt and locking by means of cylinder *
  • Electronic power control

Horizontal brush

  • Electrical lifting with inverter
  • Electronic power control
  • Galvanized steel guide rails
  • Fall arrest system and belt loosening control


  • Horizontal blade in galvanized and painted steel following the contour
  • 2-position tilted flap *
  • Electrical lifting with inverter
  • Galvanized steel guide rails
  • Side drying with 2 electric blowers *
  • Fall arrest safety system (with spring ratchet) and belt loosening control

     * Optional

High Pressure

  • High side pressure *
  • High pressure in wheel washers *
  • Top high pressure adjustable in 2 tilt positions *

Standard equipment

  • Hydraulic system with solenoid valves and special manifolds
  • Shampoo dosing pump
  • Wax dosing pump
  • Single wall festoon cable loop supply
  • Control with button board

Standard features

Maximum safety

Belts loosening detection. Fall prevention system of the drying blade (with spring-loaded hook) and of the horizontal brush.

New conception electric motors

Anti-corrosion alloy body and stainless steel shaft.

Traffic light

LED traffic light, completely deep in sealant resin, controlled by photocells or platform. The green arrows and the red stop provide the help for a perfect positioning of the vehicle.

New design

New ABS shockproof claddings, UV protected for a basic look.

2 positions tilting flap

It allows a better care of car drying, in particular in the rear of the car; also used for a tilting high pressure more efficient on the whole car.

High pressure pump on board

42 lt/min - 80 bar integrated into the body of the gantry for an easier assembly and an excellent washing.

Stainless steel wheel wash

Available with telescopic brush, eventually with integrated HP, or rotating with high pressure, assisted by the distribution of chemical product at high concentration.