Bus- & truck wash

For heavier vehicles such as buses and trucks, we also build washing installations according to requirements.

DiBO has various bus and truck wash installations in its range

Full-automatic installations, whereby the user only has to select a program and the installation completes its program are available in different models, from a simple brush gantry up to a combined washing plant equipped with both brushes and high-pressure cleaning heads.

The well-known brand ROTOMAT is being produced by DiBO on its own. All our installations can be mounted inside or outside and are well-know because of their extended quality.


DiBO is fully specialized in building, installing and starting up truck- and bus-wash installations. For the other combined conveniences around truck- and bus-wash we prefer to cooperate with carefully selected partners specialists.Building projects: DiBO truck wash

When DiBO is requested to realize a global truck wash project from A to Z, we will cooperate with carefully selected partners.

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