DiBO high-pressure trailers lined up for transport

About DiBO

We are 
The Green Power 

Where does the power of DiBO reside? In the reliability of our cleaning machines, which have performed at the highest level in all circumstances for more than 45 years? In the advice of our experts, which is both thorough and tailored to the customer? In our wide range of safe and sustainable machines and systems that always are easy to use? It is our conviction that the power of DiBO resides in the combination of all these qualities.  

But there’s more. Add in our huge passion for technology and innovation, and it’s clear that we always go above and beyond to ensure we rise to every challenge and meet our customer’s expectations every time.  

We have – no – we are ‘The Green Power’.   

That’s why I choose DiBO 

We produce cleaning machines and systems of DiBO quality. Developed for a long working life with intensive use.

  • Reliable: own R&D and production with 40 years of experience
  • Advice: our experts guide you from A to Z
  • Powerful: unprecedented performance in all possible working conditions
  • High quality: radial pumps in all high-pressure cleaners
  • Extremely solid: only durable materials such as stainless steel
  • Environmentally friendly: burner boilers with the lowest possible emissions and maximal efficiency
  • User-friendly: simple and clear operation
  • Custom-made work: products fully adapted to the customer's wishes
  • Safe: carefree work with the greatest protection
  • ISO-certified: guarantee of quality and customer satisfaction
Studio photography DiBO IBH_S, a professional hot water high-pressure cleaner for intensive use


The characteristic green color of the DiBO cleaning machines enhances the company motto “#CleanGREEN! … for a cleaner and greener world”. Green symbolizes the energy-saving and environmentally aware way in which DiBO develops, produces, does business and always applies the latest technologies in its cleaning machines, with a heart for people and nature. Green as in a green light that is even more accessible and inviting for our customers. This allows us to listen even more carefully to our customers in our endeavors to achieve a high quality, longer life and better ergonomics with the development of our cleaning machines. 

Our history

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DiBO production of high pressure washers in the early days in Arendonk