Our history

DiBO Milestones: then and now...


Mr Christ van den Borne, founder of the brand name DiBO started in Valkenswaard (The Netherlands) with his first company.


He specialized his company in the sales of pressure washers /  high pressure cleaners.

DiBO production of high pressure washers in the early days in Arendonk

Mr van den Borne started with the in-house production of cold-water pressure washers under the DiBO brand name in Arendonk (Antwerp province, Belgium). This initial production was a modest start, with 5 employees and 250 m² of business premises.


DiBO started with their own development of hot-water high pressure cleaners/ hot-water pressure washers.

The production area was expanded to 2500 m² and the number of employees rose to 15.


DiBO has set up specific subsidiaries such as sales and service centres in the Netherlands and in Belgium:

  • DiBO Benelux BV at Waardenburg (NL) - Sales and service company - Specialisation: Retailing - cold and hot water pressure washers for private use and industrial cleaning - vacuum cleaners - sweepers - scrubbers - accessories for cleaning equipment.
  • DiBO Zwijndrecht BV at Zwijndrecht (NL) - Sales and service company - Specialisation: manufacturing and food industry - industrial cleaning equipment.
  • DiBO Nieuw-Vennep BV at Nieuw-Vennep (NL) - Sales and service company - Specialisation: Cleaning industry - equipment for contract cleaning, pressure washers for industrial cleaning, window wash, wall cleaning...
  • DiBO Car-& Truckwash BV at Waalwijk (NL) - Sales and service company - Specialisation: Car wash equipment and Specialisation: Car wash, Truck wash, bus-, metro-,train- and tram cleaning installations, Tank cleaning and wheel wash systems.
  • DiBO Antwerpen NV at Wommelgem (B) - Sales and service company - Specialisation: Retailing, cleaning and manufacturing sectors - cold and hot water pressure washers for private use and industrial cleaning - vacuum cleaners - sweepers - scrubbers - accessories for cleaning equipment, equipment for contract cleaning, pressure washers for industrial cleaning in trailer version.
  • DiBO Deinze NV at Deinze (B) - Sales and service company - Specialisation: manufacturing and food industry - industrial cleaning equipment.
  • DiBO Car- & Truckwash NV at Borgerhout (B) - Sales and service company - Specialisation: Car wash equipment and Specialisation: Car wash, Truck wash, bus-, metro-,train- and tram cleaning installations, Tank cleaning and wheel wash systems.

The total business premises of the DiBO Group now cover 10 000 m².DiBO employs 120 people, 40 of whom work in production, and about 80 are responsible for administration, sales, installation and service.

An export department was set up to handle the ever-increasing production, and it distributes DiBO high-pressure cleaners and pressure washers in Europe and in other markets in Asia, Africa and Australia.


DiBO carried on with its industrial philosophy and the amelioration of its products.

Launching of the mobile high pressure unit on trailer up to 500 bar working pressure at al flow rate of 1800 l/h.

DiBO optimized the company organisation and expanded with a complete range of industrial cleaning products for personal hygiene, equipment … for industrial application.


DiBO Nederland BV - Waardenburg (NL) - DiBO joined her dutch companies into one new building.


DiBO introduces a new high pressure washer on trailer with a working pressure up to 600 bar: high pressure washer DiBO JMB-L 600/30.

DiBO NV modernize her production department, with a lifting device and tackle for a faster service towards the product demand.

DiBO extends its activities beyond the borders and founds the German branch at Lingen.


DiBO introduces two completely new high pressure washers: a new cold water high pressure washer, the ECN and a new hot water high pressure washer, the IBH.
Both are completely renewed. They have a modern ergonomic design, are provided with the newest technologies, and built with high quality materials.

The new hot water high pressures washers have the new DiBO GreenBoiler integrated.
This completely new high tech heating system was also developed by DiBO and has the following benefits:

  • Fuel saving
  • More ecological
  • Low maintenance cost
  • High efficiency (>92%)
  • Low CO² emission

As you can see, 2008 was an innovating year for our cold and warm water high pressure cleaners, especially with view to a green future!


DiBO Antwerp moves... Begin 2009 the construction for a new building in Wommelgem has started. In November 2009 the works are finished and DiBO Antwerp NV takes residence in the new premises, located at the SMB-parc Kapelleveld - Sint-Jansveld 7 in Wommelgem.

Product development also continues: the GreenBoiler becomes standard in the JMB-H high pressure cleaners on trailer and a skid version of this high pressure unite is launched. Thanks to its functionality it is wanted by enterpreneurs with varying cleaning purposes. Also launched: 2 versions of a mobile burner module with GreenBoiler, called theDiBO HotBox. The ECS scrubber-drier is launched, which allows, with one machine only, to clean by use of both microfibretextile and traditional brushes...


CleanGREEN is the motto of DiBO in 2010!! DiBO launches the JMB-H WWC, a new warm water high pressure cleaner on trailer with autonomous vacuum supply, available in various motor/pumpcombinations. WWC stands for Waste Water Control, in other words: the possibility to recover the dirty water immediately. Furthermore, it is possible to connect several professional accessories to this unit, like a floor cleaner, wall cleaner, tank, etc. In short, this new cleaning machine is very ecological and can be used in many sectors.

Christ van den Borne, the founder of DiBO, dies on June 1 at the age of 81.


DiBO pushes ahead with its green philosophy:

  • Not only inside, now also on the outside: GREEN. From now on the DiBO machines are characterized by their green color.
  • The DiBO type JMB-M high-pressure cleaner on a trailer is now ready for its launch. This new high-pressure cleaner on a trailer is characterized as an exceptionally environmentally friendly, energy-saving high-pressure cleaner on a trailer for professional use.

The DiBO factory in Arendonk expands. A new production hall measuring 1,000 m² is built to increase production capacity.

  • A new compact cold water high-pressure cleaner sees the light of day: DiBO ECN-S. Quality and high performance in a compact design.

DiBO brings the new production hall into use. 

  • The existing 6,000m² of production space is extended by no less than 1,000 m². The infrastructure is modernized. An overhead crane is now available for the construction of the high-pressure trailers. Two new testing spaces are also added, one for testing the electrically powered high-pressure cleaners and one for the cleaning machines driven by fuel motors.

DiBO extends its activities beyond the borders and founds the French branch. DiBO France has since been the point of contact for the French market.


DiBO again succeeds in lowering fuel consumption with the latest JMB-M 500/30 generation of high-pressure trailers. This is achieved by using a heat-exchanger in combination with a water-cooled motor (Kohler Direct Injection) with ingenious start/stop system.


DiBO launches the IBH-S, a brand-new hot water high-pressure cleaner that makes use of the Dual Power Heating System. This unique combination of an insulated electrical pre-heating system and the GreenBoiler means there is always a hot water buffer available and the machine consumes less fuel.


DiBO presents the ultra-compact JMB-S, a hot-water high-pressure trailer, beautiful to the eye and equipped with the most modern & green technologies.

To make your high-pressure cleaning even easier, this high pressure trailer is standard equipped with digital display and intuitive operation. The machine is also extremely lightweight and has a low centre of gravity at the level of the axle. This ensures optimal weight distribution, which can be felt in the driving comfort. No special driver's license is required to pull this trailer.

Besides the standard version, this JMB-S high-pressure trailer is also available as a full option “+” version. This design has electronic level indication for the fuel and water tank and electronic gas control with automatic idle speed.


The collection of cold water high-pressure cleaners gets a thorough update. Tailored to the functional and ergonomic design of the ECN-S, the smallest member of the ECN family, DiBO presents three brand new models : the DiBO ECN-M, ECN-L, PTL-M and PTL-L.

The high-pressure cleaners are made exceptionally robust and impact-resistant with the use of high-quality materials. The necessary attention was also devoted to ease of use. All high pressure units are perfectly balanced and therefore easily manoeuvrable.

All three machines also have 2 built-in lance holders and a suspension bracket for holding the electric cable and hose. Another highlight is the standard integrated lifting eye, so the machines can also easily be lifted by a crane.


Green cleaning with DiBO's two latest developments in the trailer field. 

With the launch of the DiBO JMB-ME and the DiBO JMB-MG, DiBO continues its green course. Both mobile hot-water high-pressure cleaners on trailer were equipped with the new generation of DiBO GreenBoiler-CNG. This environmentally-friendly burner runs on CNG gas, which reduces your fuel costs and increases your efficiency. In addition, the GreenBoiler-CNG ensures very favourable CO2 emissions.

The DiBO JMB-ME is a high-pressure cleaner with a water-cooled electric motor driven by a 25 kW/h Li-ion battery. The battery management system that controls the trailer ensures that the battery has a long service life and maintains its performance. Another plus: thanks to the electric motor, the noise production of this model drops to <75 dB.

The DiBO JMB-MG is a high-pressure cleaner that operates fully on CNG gas. The trailer is equipped with a Kubota water-cooled engine on CNG-Gas with CAN BUS controlled ECU, which accurately manages all engine parameters under control of the DiBO control unit. This engine is also equipped with a heat recovery system that partially preheats the cleaning water in the tank.


Extension of business premises in Arendonk

DiBO had the opportunity to buy the neighbouring plot on the left. The industrial building on the newly acquired plot will be retained. A new building section then connects both existing company buildings. The extension means the size of our business premises in Arendonk has increased by 2,500 m², with 1,000 m² of extra production space and a 1,500 m² warehouse and dispatch department with two loading docks and a loading and unloading zone for smaller lorries and delivery vans.

Some figures:

  • Total business area of 10,000 m², 4,000 m² of which is storage space and 1,000 m² construction space. The remaining 5,000 m² is assembly space, space for testing our machines and office space
  • New section = 9 m high 
  • 2 loading and unloading docks

DiBO on course to a sustainable future!

At the beginning of March, 318 photovoltaic (PV) solar panels were installed on the roof of the new building, in an east-west direction. In good weather conditions, the solar panels will even ensure that we are fully self-supporting in supplying energy for the whole company! Moreover, by installing our solar panels, we save 20.01 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. 

Furthermore, 8 charging stations for electric vehicles (EV) / Plugin Hybrid were installed on our premises. By doing so, we are not only doing electric drivers a favour, but we are also contributing as a company to an emission-free world.