A DiBO self-service car wash provides an optimal wash result, time after time. How does it do this? Using the latest washing technologies on the market. You can accordingly fit the NEW 2000 with a reverse osmosis system and water softening system to guarantee the quality of the supply water.

Reverse osmosis

A reverse osmosis system is the fastest way to ensure a better wash result. This is why this system is a must for any professional self-service car wash. Reverse osmosis takes place as follows: the system demineralizes and filters all the washing water quickly and efficiently for no less than 97%! As a result, all residues disappear from the washing water and no drying marks are left on the vehicle.

The reverse osmosis system is built into the self-service car wash’s technical space and comprises the following parts:

  • Vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump
  • Valve
  • Membrane
  • Manifold with electrical valves
  • Pressure gauge and flow controllers
  • 1000 l tank with level monitoring system

Water softener

If the water supply quality amounts to 0°dH or 0°fH, a water softening system is recommended for the NEW 2000. Just like the reverse osmosis system, the water softening system is fitted in the self-service car wash’s technical space.

The water softening system guarantees the quality of the supply water and consists of two parts: a water softener with Fleck control valve and a salt tank. The capacity of the water softener is calculated on the basis of the hardness of the supply water, set by default for supply water at 20°C, and coordinated with the standard flow of the high pressure pumps.