Payment systems

User-friendliness is the highlight of the DiBO car washes! All our car washes can be fitted with different payment options. And you also decide this yourself. This is particularly useful considering each country has its own payment methods. Discover our extensive range of payment systems.

Our payment terminals offer the following options:

  • Cash: just about all existing coin denominations and bank notes (euros, Czech koruna, Georgian lari, Swedish krona, Norwegian krone, Polish zloty, Hungarian forint, etc.) can be accepted
  • Tokens
  • Payment cards
  • Keys
  • Credit cards with magnetic stripe, chip cards and even payment cards with recent NFC technology are accepted
  • Smartphone payment technology

Extra options:

  • Printers
  • Printing with SD card

Contactless payment system

The new payment system is very easy to use. You set the desired amount on the control panel, which is made of anti-vandalism and touch-sensitive glass. Then you choose one of the payment methods:

  • Use the app on your smartphone (you can recharge by credit card, PayPal and pre-paid card)
  • Use your debit or credit card with NFC function
  • Use Android Pay
  • Use the washcard (you can recharge through the app)

Once the payment is ok, the washtime appears on the display and you can start!

This is a fast, easy and safe system for both the customer and the owner of the car wash: there is no longer cash money in circulation, which means that there’s no storage place needed anymore. Moreover the payments can be tracked directly and clearly. Nothing but advantages. Wash (h)appy!

This system is suitable for all types of car wash, except for the SBH-E.