Manage your car wash by PC, tablet and smartphone

Data management system

You can fit the ECO, WASHVISION or NEW 2000 car wash with a data management system. This fully automatic communication system allows you to monitor your own car wash installation from behind your PC or by tablet or smartphone. You manage alarms, monitor receipts and simply maintain control of your unit, always and from anywhere. The data management system has two levels: an operator level and a level for you as the owner. Each level has its own password.

Application options:

  • Activation times for the lighting…
  • Time settings
  • Price settings
  • Alarm resetting
  • Possible alarms
  • Monthly totals
  • Daily receipts
  • Working hours

Data transmission system

Keep in touch by text message? It’s another option! Besides the data management system to monitor your car wash installation from behind your PC or by tablet or smartphone, there is now also the option of a data transmission system. You can then be aware of any alarms and simply check all your receipts by mobile phone. And if necessary you can switch the washing box off with a simple text message. Managing a car wash has never been so easy!

The data transmission system is optionally available with the CAR WASH ECO, WASHVISION and NEW 2000, including serial card with mobile phone modem and the necessary communication software.