In search of a reliable sweeper? DiBO has a wide range of professional and industrial cleaning machines, ranging from manual sweepers to fully equipped seated models.

Our cleaning machines are known for their quality, performance and ease of use. In our range you can find models for interior and exterior use, with manual or traction motor drive and with different brush types. You can come to us for both push and seated models. Each machine has its own accessories and extras to ensure optimal use.

Or maybe you are not sure which sweeper model you need in your situation. The choice indeed depends on different factors such as the surface and the type of soiling. This is why our experts are there to help you with personal advice for the best purchase.

This is why a DiBO sweeper (dryer) is the best choice:

  • Push or seated model
  • Sweeper or sweeper dryer
  • Advice: our experts guide you from A to Z
  • Powerful: unprecedented performance in all possible working conditions
  • Extremely solid: only durable material
  • User-friendly: simple and clear operation
  • Low-maintenance
  • Safe: carefree work with the greatest protection