464 E

The SWEEPER 464 E is the smallest motorized sweeping machine, extremely suitable for cleaning small to medium-sized areas for indoor and outdoor use. This machine is equipped with the Genius Technology and is very easy to use and to operate.



Main brush with special “V” shape, allows maximum performances of debris collection.

Automatic self-cleaning dust filter, adjustable in accordance with the kind of cleaning programme.

2 different and simply setting cleaning programmes to be operated by means of a push button.

Diagnostic display with information about the programme, hour counter and battery indicator.

The ‘Self-levelling’ brush guarantees a perfect cleaning, even for the most irregular surfaces.

Debris hopper of great capacity

Replacement of the main brush and filter without the use of tools

Adjustable handle at halfway heights

Easy to transport and store thanks to folding handle

Easy maintenance

Dust microfiltration up to 3 micron through special panel filter


Due to the very low sound level of this sweeping machine and because of the combination of a central brush (V-design) and a powerful vacuum engine, we obtain a machine, which is perfectly suitable for the cleaning of carpets and floor covering in hotels, stores, showrooms, offices, … The SWEEPER 464E model is supplied with batteries and battery charger.

Built-in battery charger 220V; this allows reloading of the batteries at any place with sockets.

Extensive operation panel with 2 pre-adjusted selection programmes.

Hour counter and battery indicator.

Debris hopper of great capacity, easily removable for manual discharge operations

Extensive filtering surface (1m²)

SSC: Soft Surface Cleaning system that combines sweeping know how and carpet cleaning needs

Chassis in fully coated steel


SKU Description mm mm Drive V A mm dB kg Areas Power supply m²/h
3.120.040 464 E 625 460 12 V - 31 Ah (C5) battery 12 31 1033 x 615 x 994 63 38 200-1500 Battery 2000



Standard main brush for outdoor use
Standard side brush for inside and outdoor use
Paper filter
Battery 12V-42Ah


Hard PPL main brush
soft main brush
Poleyster panel filter


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