712 E

The SWEEPER 712 E is designed for professional use and is therefore extremely suitable for fast and effective cleaning of small and medium-sized areas. This appliance is an electric version (model E). Since the surface pressure of the main brush can be easily adjusted with LED indication, this sweeper guarantees a high level of hygiene and cleaning quality on a large number of surfaces, ranging from floor tiles to asphalt and concrete. The E model is supplied without batteries. (2x 12 V)



Huge hopper capacity in minimum external space

Debris hopper of great capacity

Main brush with special “V” shape, allows maximum performances of debris collection.

Main brush pressure adjustment with LED indication

Dust microfiltration up to 3 micron through special panel filter

Extensive running time

Easy to use thanks to intuitive commands

Easy to use control panel

Hour counter display

Battery level indicator and built-in battery charger

Filter replacement without tools

Heavy duty chassis in fully coated steel with protective bumper to protect the sweeper when cleaning close to walls

Designed to assure minimum noise levels

Panel control switches protected against water and humidity

Flap-raising system for outsized rubbish (e.g. paper)

Manual filter shaker that can be activated directly from the driver position


Built-in battery charger 220V; this allows reloading of the batteries at any place with sockets.

Extensive operation panel with 2 pre-adjusted selection programmes.

Extensive filtering surface (3 m²)

Chassis in fully coated steel

Parking brake

Polypropylene standard brushes

Panel type filter

Traction: clutch system on rear wheels axis

Great quality motors, equipped with preventive protection systems.


SKU Description mm mm Drive V A mm kg Areas Power supply m²/h
3.122.030 712 E 900 700 24 V (4x 6 V) - 105 Ah (C5) battery 2x12 105 1125 x 934 x 903 93 800-3500 Battery 3150



Medium main brush for in- and outdoor use for 712 E
Poleyster panel filter for 712 E
Medium side brush for in- and outdoor use for 512 E


 Hard cilindrical main brush for outdoor use for 712 E (2 pieces)
Steel alloy cilindrical main brush for heavy soiling for 712 E (2 pieces)
Panel type filter in washable polyester for 712 E
Battery 12V - 95Ah (5h) = (1 piece) / 24 V = (2 pieces)
Steel alloy side brush for heavy soiling for 512 E
Soft cilindrical main brush with natural fibre bristles (2 pieces)


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