The CT45 is an compact and highly manoeuvrable scrubber-drier, built out of materials of high quality and provided with the newest technology. The scrubber is ideal for small and medium spaces, even when there is much furniture, because not even those spaces which are the hardest to reach pose any problem for the DiBO CT45. Furthermore, mechanical cleaning is much more efficient; the productivity is 4 times higher than with manual cleaning.There is a battery (B50 version) and cable version (C50) available.

Note: Not all features are available for all product types.



Easy-to-use control panel on top of the handle, with which the brush, the vacuum function and the water supply can all be activated

Collapsible handle for easy storage

The handle can be readjusted in height even during the cleaning >>> facilitates the cleaning of places which are difficult to reach

The recovery tank is easily removed and emptied >>> the mechanical part is easily accessible for maintenance

The squeegee tracks automatically for optimal drying results

The brushes and the squeegee are quickly and easily replaced without use of any tools

Automatic stand-by position for the brush and the water supply

CFS system for the centered distribution of the detergent

AFS system: An anti foam system with special mechanical suction motor protection

SLS (Self Leveling System) for stable brush pressure

On board batterie charger with battery included

Yellow operater maintenance areas. Brush with maximum consumption indicator

Motor gear box, suction motor and electric components of high quality

Other characteristics

Nylon standard brush with maximum consumption indicator

Automatic brush click-on/off

Solution adjust and closure valve

Positioned in height discharge hose (ø 38 mm)

Brush hook on machine side

Automatic lifting of the brush by the front wheel when transporting the machine (version BT)



Brush rotation: independent oil bath motor gear box

Suction: 3 stages with stainless steel fans and shaft

Traction: electric differential gear through independent motors (BT version)

Plastic parts with long life

Tanks: great thickness high density polyethylene

Squeegee blades: made in Latex usable on 4 sides

Hoses: suction and discharge made in high resistance polyurethane

Wheels: oil resistant


Chassis: double treatment with galvanizing + die-casting

Bearings: shielded against humidity and water seepages

Bolts and nuts: made in stainless steel where there are water contacts

Electric system

Carbon brushes: easily changeable

Boards: equipped with protective film against water and humidity

Solenoid valve: with Viton membrane resistant against chemical agents

Display: battery level

Control panel

Brush, solution and vacuum inserted by one unique command or singularly upon necessity.


SKU Description mm mm Drive l l V A mm kg h Areas Power supply m²/h
3.126.035 CT45-B50 500 730 24 V (2x 12 V) - 70 Ah (C5) battery 40 45 24 V (2x12 V) 74 Ah (C5) 821 x 576 x 1220 110 1 - 2,5 h 500-2500 Battery 1750
3.126.036 CT45-C50 500 730 230 V - 50 Hz - 15 m cable 40 45 220 V 821 x 576 x 1220 65 500-2500 Cable 1750



Nylon brush PPL - B/C50
Squeegee withe fast blade change (V-shape) Blades can be used in all 4 directions - B/C50
Front squeegee blade (Latex) - CT45
Rear squeegee blade (Latex) - CT45


Standard pad WHITE -19” (483 mm) - 4 pieces
Standard pad RED -19” (483 mm) - 4 pieces
Standard pad GREEN -19” (483 mm) - 4 pieces
Standard pad BLACK -19” (483 mm) - 4 pieces
Pad holder - CT45
Battery 12V - 95Ah (5h) = (1 piece) / 24 V = (2 pieces)


Product information - CT45


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Pictures from manual CT45 / CT46