Hot water high pressure cleaners

The DiBO hot water high pressure cleaners stand out by their innovation. In 2008 we introduced the self-developed GreenBoiler in our IBH series. This burner boiler combines very low emissions with enormous efficiency. In 2016 the IBH-S was fitted with the pioneering Dual Power Heating System, a unique combination of the GreenBoiler and an electric pre-heating system.

A DiBO hot water high pressure cleaner is the best buy for both industrial and professional use! Your can have 100% confidence in our extremely strong and solid machines if a surface has to be cleaned with hot water and at high pressure. Would you like individual advice** for your company? Contact our specialists free of obligation!

DiBO hot water high pressure cleaners, no need to keep on looking!

  • Radial pump in each machine
  • Environmentally friendly burner boilers with high performance
  • Unprecedented power and performance in all working conditions
  • Our experts guide you from A to Z
  • Only durable materials (stainless steel, rotational molded polyethylene, ...)
  • Personalized products fully in line with your wishes
  • Latest technology
  • Simple operation
  • From light to intensive use
  • Electric motor or fuel motor
  • Mobile or stationary