**A 70 kW environmentally friendly boiler that runs on CNG gas. **

A green future without a doubt! DiBO developed a new technological highlight, the GreenBoiler-CNG. The name says it all, this 70kW environmentally friendly burner boiler runs on CNG gas, which results in less emissions, a higher efficiency and less fuel consumption.

Significant advantages compared to the GreenBoiler (diesel):

  • even more environmentally friendly
  • lower maintenance costs
  • higher efficiency (˃93%)
  • less fuel consumption
  • Stainless steel inner boiler and coil
  • 45% lower NOx emissions
  • 55% lower CO emission emissions

The GreenBoiler-CNG heats the water for the latest DiBO high pressure trailers JMB-MG (CNG-powered) and JMB-ME (battery-powered). These trailers are a further development of the already existing JMB-M trailer. Two new, even greener high-pressure trailers.