CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)

First DiBO high-pressure trailer running entirely on CNG-gas for Switzerland

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Our Swiss DiBO dealer Sonderegger AG recently delivered a DiBO JMB-MG 350/18 TG AK WK high-pressure trailer to Altherr AG, a company specialized in roofing, facades, scaffolding, plumbing and photovoltaic systems of the highest quality.

Whether it concerns energy-efficient renovations of buildings or advice and the installation of solar thermal energy systems for the use of hot water and photovoltaic systems for electricity generation, Altherr AG is the right place for you.

Altherr AG will mainly use the new unit for cleaning photovoltaic installations. The idea behind this: green energy (photovoltaic solar energy) in a green trailer, powered by green energy (CNG)!

Ecological weed control and green cleaning with the JMB-MG-WK high-pressure unit

The DiBO JMB-MG is an innovative and powerful hot water weed control machine and high pressure cleaner in one, fully functioning on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). The trailer is equipped with a Kubota water-cooled engine running on CNG-gas with CAN BUS controlled ECU, which accurately manages all engine parameters under control of the DiBO control unit. This engine is also equipped with a heat recovery system that partially preheats the water in the tank.

Advantages of the JMB-MG high-pressure cleaner on a trailer:

  • 18 kW water-cooled Kubota CNG engine with heat recovery system. The heat recovery system means less energy consumption is needed to bring the cleaning water up to temperature.
  • 70 kW new generation DiBO GreenBoiler-CNG. This environmentally friendly burner runs on CNG gas, meaning lower fuel costshigher efficiency and lower CO2 emissions
  • digital operation with joystick: simple and intuitive.
  • unique storage system for tools and accessories.
  • extremely quiet thanks to the double-walled protective polyester guard.