DiBO JMB-M-WK weedkillers on trailer operating either entirely on CNG gas (MG version) or on a battery pack (ME version)
DiBO JMB-MG-WK side view with open hood
DiBO JMB-MG-WK side view
DiBO JMB-M-WK weedkillers on trailer operating either entirely on CNG gas (MG version) or on a battery pack (ME version)
DiBO JMB-MG-WK side view with open hood
DiBO JMB-MG-WK side view


Ecological weed control and green cleaning with the JMB-MG-WK a DiBO trailer that functions entirely on CNG-gas. For this purpose the the weed controller on trailer has a Kubota water-cooled motor running on CNG gas, with a CAN-BUS-controlled ECU that accurately regulates all the engine parameters as controlled by the DiBO control unit. This engine also has a heat recovery system that partly preheats the water in the tank.

In addition, the machine comes as standard in the plus version (+) with an anti-limescale system (AK).




  • Noise-insulating
  • Optionally available in different RAL colours

Digital operation with joystick

Unnecessary and impossible to open the trailer for cleaning => the controls and all tools are within easy reach on the outside.

Unique storage system for tools and accessories.(see picture)

2 stainless steel DiBO hose reel with 25 m high pressure hose (3/8")  equipped with heat protection


Industrial 18 kW water-cooled Kubota motor running on CNG gas with heat recovery system. The motor’s heat recovery system means less energy consumption is needed to bring the cleaning water up to temperature

Optimal CNG motor safety, being fitted with a CAN BUS-controlled ECU and DiBO control unit.

70 kW GreenBoiler-CNG

Control 24 VDC and burner 230 VAC

CNG tanks (2x 75 l) with gas pressure regulators - gas pressure regulation circuit with the necessary safety and detection devices

Electronic level indication with low level monitoring for the water tank and CNG tanks.

Radial high pressure pump with 3 ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves

Washable water filter

Pressure-free starting

Automatical stop system after 30 minutes of inactivity

Built-in 450 l water tank

Pressure relief up to <25 bar with sealed gun >>> safety

Electronic pressure and flow regulation via electronic speed engine governor

Digital control and reporting on display of:

  • motor functions
  • flame monitoring
  • water level
  • CNG level for both tanks

Automatic idling >>> less consumption (*)

Trailer version: galvanized trailer fitted with support and swivel wheel, an AL-KO chassis with rotation casted polyethylene tank and polyester housing

Required towing capacity = 1800 kg


SKU Description bar l/h ° C Drive kW kW l mm kg Nozzle Motor Use
1.134.G.678 JMB-MG 350/18 TG AK WK TP (+) 350 1080 99° on surface (WK-function) / max. 110 (HP) 18 18 70 450 3500 x 1800 x 1750 1210 040 CNG Professional – INTENSIVE


(DH) Supplement for pressure-retaining valve (to replace the standard pressure-free)
(TT) Supplement for track & trace system JMB-M 4G
Yearly subscription for the activation of the Track & Trace option.
(COL) Supplement for protective housing in your chosen RAL colour (Note: when ordering, please specify your chosen RAL colour)
(COL) Supplement for protective housing in a DiBO RAL colour:

* (WH) RAL9016 - white
* (BK) RAL 9017 - black
* (BU) RAL 5002 - blue
* (OG) RAL 2009 - orange

(Note: when ordering, please specify one of the following RAL colours)



Single stainless steel lance with high pressure nozzle and rotating quick coupling (≤ 250 bar)
High pressure gun with swivel >>> large manoeuvrabilty of the wash gun
Transfer pump - JMB-MD/MG/ME (TP)
35 cm - Stainless steel WK-lance with temperature sticker for weed control
One set of large removable wheels for WK-lance


Product information - JMB-MG-WK


Manual JMB-MG

USM300001-02 1.780.290 (20230531)