The DiBO JMB-S is an ultra-compact mobile hot water high pressure cleaner on a trailer with attractive appearance and equipped inside with the latest and greenest technologies. With its own power source and independent operation, also for use in places where no electricity supply is available. With the option of cleaning with cold or hot water at high pressure, this high pressure cleaner is suitable for a wide variety of cleaning work. A low center of gravity in the middle at the axle ensures optimum load distribution, that together with the weight of <750 kg results in a highly comfortable drive. No special driver's license is required to pull this trailer.

Quality and power harmoniously united in this high pressure trailer:

  • Industrial diesel motor selected per machine type depending on the radial high pressure pump.
  • 70 kW DiBO GreenBoiler offering 18% fuel savings.
  • Intercooling system with heat recovery from the motor used to pre-heat the water through a heat-exchanger. The result is additional fuel savings of 15%.

High pressure trailer with greatly improved ease of use

To make your high-pressure cleaning even easier, this high pressure trailer is equipped with intuitive digital operation by joystick. The display guides the user through the user program step by step. There is the continuous display of the status of the machine while cleaning with this high pressure cleaner. Operating pressure, temperature, fuel level (*) and level in the water tank (*) are just a few important parameters.

Besides the standard version, this JMB-S high pressure trailer is also available as a full option “+” version.

The JMB-S+ version includes:

  • Electronic level indication for fuel and water tank
  • Electronic gas regulation with automatic speed control

(*) only with “+” version



New operating panel with digital display and joystick:

  • Everything visible at a glance. Easy to adjust with a handy joystick and to operate with gloves.
  • Electronic setting of the temperature (exact & constant)
  • Electronic control with pressure gauge, hour counter, maintenance information, error messages and device functions that facilitate maintenance.
  • The digital display indicates continuously the status of the machine and alarm.

Modern & aerodynamic design for less air resistance

UV-resistant double-walled housing in rotation moulded polyethylene >>> sound insulated: ˂ 85 dB

All functionality needed for the activities are brought together on the rear of the machine - everything within hand reach

Trailer version is built on a galvanized trailer fitted with support and swivel wheel

Ultra-compact and lightweight <750 kg (no special driver's license required)

Stainless steel DiBO high pressure hose reel with 40 m high pressure hose (3/8") 


High-tech heating system

  • 70 kW GreenBoiler for a greater efficiency > 92%
  • 18% fuel saving
  • Low CO2 emission
  • Low maintenance cost

70 kW GreenBoiler + 20 kW Intercooling = 90 kW heating capacity

Industrial diesel motor water cooled in combination with a heat-exchanger, ensuring the pre-heating of the supply water with a further 15% in fuel savings

Total fuel savings of 33% with the GreenBoiler (18%) and heat-exchanger (15%) combination

Radial high pressure pump with 3 ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves

Boiler with independent motor fitted and fuel valve with electronic ignition

12 V operating voltage for electronic control and for the burner

Washable water filter

Run dry protection on the water and fuel tank

Automatical stop system after 30 minutes of inactivity

Automatic pre-glowing

200 l built-in water tank (only for "T" "TG" and "S" version)

Pressure reduction up to 10 bar with sealed gun

Pressure and flow regulation via speed engine governor (manually (standard) or electronically ("+" version))

Digital control and reporting on display of :

  • motor functions
  • flame monitoring
  • water level (*)
  • fuel level (*)

Note: (*) = only at "+"-version


SKU Description bar l/h ° C kW kW l l mm kg Nozzle Motor Use
1.128.360 JMB-S 200/18 T 200 1080 max. 110 11,7 (diesel) 70 50 200 2665 x 1559 x 1354 700 055 Diesel Professional – INTENSIVE
1.128.361 JMB-S+ 200/18 T 200 1080 max. 110 11,7 (diesel) 70 50 200 2665 x 1559 x 1354 705 055 Diesel Professional – INTENSIVE
1.128.510 JMB-S 250/15 T 250 900 max. 110 11,7 (diesel) 70 50 200 2665 x 1559 x 1354 700 040 Diesel Professional – INTENSIVE
1.128.511 JMB-S+ 250/15 T 250 900 max. 110 11,7 (diesel) 70 50 200 2665 x 1559 x 1354 705 040 Diesel Professional – INTENSIVE


Supplement for steam function 140° C (30 bar)
Supplement for anti-scaling system by dosing pump on flow (level detection)
Supplement for detergent injector
Transfer pump for JMB-S-WK+
Supplement for lifting system
Light package JMB-S: work light + beacon activatable with joystick
Supplement protective tarp
Supplement for track & trace system (JMB-S)
Yearly subscription for the activation of the Track & Trace option.



High pressure gun with swivel >>> large manoeuvrabilty of the wash gun
Single stainless steel lance with high pressure nozzle and rotating quick coupling (≤ 250 bar)


Steam lance (JMB-S and JMB-E-SF)


Manual JMB-S / JMB-S+ / JMB-S-WK+

1.780.260 (20220411)

Product information - JMB-S/S+