Steam function (option)

Steam cleaning is a fast, extremely effective and environmentally friendly method to guarantee thorough cleaning. The high temperature (140 ° C) means soiling is easily detached and pathogens, bacteria and viruses are deactivated.
Steaming is also a very gentle cleaning technique with no excessive pressure used (maximum 30 bar) and low water consumption. Thanks to the steam method the surface always remains undamaged.
In addition to removing graffiti, steam cleaning can also be used for the cleaning of outdoor public spaces used by different people such as bus shelters, bicycle sheds, benches, etc.


  • gives a deep cleaning
  • a high level of hygiene
  • environmentally friendly
  • a fast and effective cleaning
  • a very gentle cleaning technique
  • low water consumption
  • high temperature: 140 ° C (at 30 bar)

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