The Scrubbing/suction machine CT105 is a silent but powerful machine having a large PRODUCTIVITY. After an extensive investigation, a new design has been found for this “walk-behind”-floor cleaner, something which contributes to its manoeuvrability. The CT105 is fitted with 2 contra-turning nylon brushes, seperately driven. Due to a patented Anti Foam Security System, a longer lifetime of the vacuum motor can be guaranteed. The “high capacity batteries” also provide a bigger autonomy. This scrubbing/suction machine is extremely suitable for professional and industrial use. The mechanical drive (no V-belts) also guarantees that this scrubbing machine has a long and maintenance-friendly lifespan. The machine is supplied without batteries (4x 6V) .



The soundproofing system guarantees low noise levels (70 dB(A))

Motor gear box, suction motor and electric components of high quality

The AFS (“Anti Foam System”) make sure that that there comes no foam by the motor. Anti-foam system with special electromechanical suction motor protection. Automatic suction stops when the tank is full.

Impact resistant extra large capacity plastic tanks. The collection tank can be lifted and washed easily.

Solution level indicator

Positioned in height discharge hose (ø 50 mm)

Simple to use! Just press a button and away you go

 Automatic brush attachment and release system (without hands or tools).

Impact resistant squeegee with wheels, rapid blade change without tools. Blades can be used in all four directions before being replaced.

Squeegee designed for the best drying and productivity results

Treated aluminium alloy squeegee structure with special v-shape

Motor gear box, suction motor and electric components of high quality

CFS system for the centered distribution of the detergent

AutoStop: Deactivation and re-start of working function simply with a command on handle. It includes brush and suction delayed stop for irregular working stages.

Yellow operater maintenance areas. Brush with maximum consumption indicator

Manual solution flow adjustment



Brush rotation: independent oil bath motor gear box

Brushes pressure: actuator with pressure adjustment system. Brush activation through high quality actuator that allows constant pressure on the floor.

Suction: 3 stages with stainless steel fans and shaft

Traction: parallel axis differential with stainless steel bearings

Plastic parts with long life

Tanks: great thickness high density polyethylene

Hoses: suction and discharge made in high resistance polyurethane

Wheels: oil resistant


Chassis: double treatment with galvanizing + die-casting

Bearings: shielded against humidity and water seepages

Bolts and nuts: made in stainless steel where there are water contacts

Electric system

Carbon brushes: easily changeable

Boards: equipped with protective film against water and humidity

Onboard battery charger

Display: battery level


SKU Description mm mm Drive l l mm kg h Areas Power supply m²/h
3.126.105 CT105-BT105 1050 1010 24 V (4x 6 V) battery 100 110 1750 x 1112 x 1075 182 3 - 4.5 2500-8000 Battery traction 4725



Nylon brush PPL - BT55 (1 piece) / BT105 (2 pieces)
Squeegee BT105 - CT105
Front squeegee blade (Latex) BT105
Rear squeegee blade (Latex) BT105


Pad holder - CT51 & CT105
Standard pad WHITE - BT105 -21” (533 mm) - 4 pieces
Standard pad RED - BT105 -21” (533 mm) - 4 pieces
Standard pad BLUE - BT105 -21” (533 mm) - 4 pieces
Battery traction 6V - 195Ah (5h) (4 pieces)


Product information - CT105


Manual CT105

Manual CT105