Washing technique

Cleaning installations for railway materials often demand specific technical solutions and through consultation with the client we try to find for each project the best solutions.

Pre-mounted technical room

When there is limited space or in circumstances where mounting time is primordial, a solution is the ready-to-use technical room. This container is built-to-fit and is perfectly transportable with a truck.

In the production workshop the container is built up with all water technical components, the dosage pump systems, the water treatment, the compressor and the complete switch box. All equipment from the technical room is also tested in the workshop. Once arrived at the construction site, it is merely a question of connecting the wires and the pipes on the washing installation.

Water treatment for recycling

  • Biological water treatment
  • Biological water filtering
  • Chemical water treatment

In the past few years our specialised team has overcome some serious challenges in developing systems for waste water treatment. In our hunt for answers, we have applied biological and chemical treatment procedures to produce water for reuse and to render it suitable for public sewer draining. This research implied that we had to look for chemicals which are a combination of detergent and iron solvent.

The next problem was that of the active bacteria that can be dangerous for public health and which can be present in the waste water. For this, we created a special Ultra Violet treatment which reduces all germs to a minimum. In order to answer environment issues, we have a selection of biological and chemical water treatment systems in combination with pH acceptable detergents. With this knowledge and together with on-site testing, we select which system combined with which detergents is the best solution and moreover respects nature.