Combined installation

The DiBO TW300 SWB6 is a combination wash installation for rail bounded vehicles.

Combination vehicle wash installation

The DiBO TW300 SWB6, a combination wash installation for rail bounded vehicles, combines a passage cleaning with head and tail washing together with the washing of 2 coupled vehicles.

Washing process

The washing process consists of soaking and cooling the vehicle when it enters the washing hall. Afterwards the head of the vehicle is washed with the roof brush and the vertical brushes which can follow the outlines of the vehicle in a corner up to 70°.

After the head washing, the vertical sides and the roof edges contours are washed with the stationary side brushes and the roof edge brushes. This happens whilst the vehicle proceeds its way through the washing installation. At the end of the washing process the tail of the vehicle is washed in the same way as the head. When the vehicle is completely washed a dryer makes sure the water flows down without leaving a trail.