High pressure gantry

The PH is a self-driving high pressure wash gantry, executed with 8 rotating high pressure cleaning heads mounted on massive rails, an excellent alternative for brush wash installations.

Suitable for all models of vehicles

This high pressure wash installation is suitable for the cleaning all models of vehicles, like tankers, dustcarts, bulktrailers, (tank) containers, and all vehicles with deviating forms, which cannot be cleaned with brush wash installations. An ideal partner for the fully automatic cleaning of a heavily polluted car park consisting of tractors, excavators, sludge-gulpers, … and other strange vehicle types.

This vehicle wash installation has 4 standard wash programmes for all vehicle types. For the PH execution a foam system is standard, here, the dose of chemicals is controlled by PLC commanded dosage pumps. Furthermore there are 4 fully automatic combination programmes foam/high pressure.

High pressure system

This machine is equipped with 8 hydraulically driven cleaning heads, which according to the purpose can be adjusted. The hydraulic drive causes for 60% more cleaning capacity in comparison with the oil-braked heads. Per saldo a choice can be made according to the goal to have higher capacity or lower energy costs.

For the roof washing 2 rotating heads are installed standard in the traverse beam of the gantry, but it is also possible of course to install a traverse beam adjustable in height and toppling for the heads to be mounted in.

The DiBO/ROTOMAT is not just a truck wash. It is a system. A system based on a conviction. With the DiBO/ROTOMAT, DiBO is part of the top suppliers in truck wash gantries, this roll-over has all characteristics a professional client can expect in design and quality.

Your vehicle is your mobile visiting card, always clean on the road.

Further options are: chassis washer, payment and invoice system, high pressure spray hoses, oil/petrol separator with drains, osmosis installation, water recuperation (regeneration), but also various vacuum cleaners, carpet-beaters, carpet-washers, etc.