Combined gantry

A self-driving combination gantry, which exists in a standard 3 brushes wash installation , executed with rotating high pressure heads. This way all types of vehicles can be cleaned.

This type of gantry is highly recommended for quick and efficient cleaning of your car fleet which consists not only of vehicles with flat sides but also of vehicles with rounded forms, like tankers and other vehicles with nonstandard shapes, like dustcarts, excavators, etc. The powerful high pressure jets reach places where brushes no longer can get to. For extreme filth, we advise to use a combination gantry: the high pressure washing can be used as prewash to get rid of the extreme filth before the brush washing.

This vehicle wash installation has 13 standard wash programmes from passenger car to tractor and a special wash programme for buses. For the PBH execution a foam system is standard, here, the dose of chemicals is controlled by PLC commanded dosage pumps.

High pressure system

The high pressure system of the combination wash gantry consists of stainless steel boxes (one on each side of the gantry) equipped with 6 or 8 hydraulically driven high pressure heads, which are mounted at the front of the machine >>> less energy consummation with high cleaning capacity (at least 60%).

For the roof washing, the machine is executed standardly with 1 hydraulically driven cleaning head with 4 special sprayers. Optionally a second cleaning head can be foreseen.

Each machine can be adapted in function of the goal with for example:

  • extra broad brushes to clean the tankers even in the curves with brushes
  • extra dosage pumps for wax
  • ...

The DiBO/ROTOMAT is not just a truck wash. It is a system. A system based on a conviction. With the DiBO/ROTOMAT, DiBO is part of the top suppliers in truck wash gantries, this roll-over has all characteristics a professional client can expect in design and quality.

Your vehicle is your mobile visiting card, always clean on the road.

Further options are: chassis washer, payment and invoice system, high pressure spray hoses, oil/petrol separator with drains, osmosis installation, water recuperation (regeneration), but also various vacuum cleaners, carpet-beaters, carpet-washers, etc.