Digital operation with joystick

Digital control and reporting on display of:

  • motor functions
  • burner
  • water level
  • CNG level for both tanks
  • battery percentage
  • fault reports

The 'Description' of the various types can be found on the Product info sheet under Downloads


Water-cooled frequency-controlled 0.5 – 6 kW electric motor working on low-voltage (48 V) so no conversion losses.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Exceptionally low noise production
  • Maintenance-free
  • Lower and 40% less expensive energy consumption

Electronic level indication with low level monitoring for the water tank and CNG tanks.

The 25 kW-48 V Li-ion battery with BMS system was fully custom-made and tailored for the cleaning work.

  • Efficient, compact and lightweight long life LI-ion battery with high energy density/kg
  • Easy to recharge at any time (any 230 V socket)
  • The battery supplies its power as efficiently as possible
  • Long working time: up to six hours of high pressure cleaning and 11 hours with the optional steam function (SF) or weed killing function (WK)

70 kW GreenBoiler-CNG

Control 24 VDC and burner 230 VAC

Battery percentage shown on the display

CNG tanks (2x 75 l) with gas pressure regulators - gas pressure regulation circuit with the necessary safety and detection devices

Radial high pressure pump with 3 ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves

Washable water filter

Pressure-free starting

Auto-stop system stops the engine after 30 min. without spraying activity

Pressure relief up to <25 bar with sealed gun >>> safety

Electronic pressure and flow regulation via electronic speed engine governor

Automatic idling >>> less consumption (*)