DiBO launches 3 battery-powered high pressure cleaners

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With the launch of three new battery-powered high-pressure cleaners, DiBO strengthens its commitment to sustainability and takes another significant step in the electrification of its range of water-saving and energy-efficient cleaning machines and systems.

Three cleaning giants, 100% battery-powered

The new electric ZERO-emission cleaners – CPU-SB open, ECN-MB and ECN-MB skid – are completely wireless and fully battery-powered. The concept DiBO uses is based on that of the JMB-ME high-pressure cleaner, which was the first fully battery-powered high-pressure trailer in DiBO’s offering. The brand-new cold-water high-pressure cleaners shift gears in terms of power, comfort, and battery technology.

Here’s an overview of their strengths:

  • Quiet motor: the electric motor produces less noise than similar combustion engines.
  • Powerful batteries: 2 lithium batteries guarantee a flexible operation while independent of power grids. No construction cabinet needed for electrical connections!
  • 2 cleaning modes: the same nozzle can be used in Eco mode (working time of 1 hour) and Turbo mode (working time of about 30 minutes).
  • Fast charging: batteries are interchangeable and have a short charging time of only 90 minutes. The cleaners come standard with 2 fast chargers.
  • Energy-efficient operation: the automatic start/stop system saves battery runtime.

The high-pressure cleaners come with a 5-year warranty.

Which cleaner should you use?

Although the three battery-powered models share the same core technology, there are distinct differences in their designs. Let’s take a closer look.


This model is the basic version of DiBO’s battery powered cold water high-pressure cleaners. The CPU-SB OPEN has a compact design, ideal for stationary setups, often referred to as wall and floor mounting. However, it can also be installed in a vehicle. It requires a water supply connection.

Battery powered cold water high-pressure cleaner in a van


This is the mobile version of the three, a portable cold water high-pressure cleaner that allows for easy cleaning across various locations. All you need is a water supply connection.

Battery powered high pressure cleaner


The skid version of the battery-powered cleaners comes equipped with a water reserve (a water tank on which the machine is mounted), making it a fully autonomous, battery-operated unit. It can be lifted with a forklift and used as a stationary unit or installed in various electrified vehicles. The perfect solution for high-pressure cleaning tasks in city parks, residential areas, shopping centres, campsites, amusement parks, zoos, etc. In short, in all hard-to-reach places for cars, vans, SUVs ... This combi gets everywhere and has power and water on board.

Fully battery powered cold water pressure washer in tool carrier

More information about our new generation of battery-powered cleaners? Contact us.

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