New environmentally friendly DiBO high-pressure trailer for the Norwegian city of Trondheim

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Our Norwegian DiBO dealer Proffia recently delivered a DiBO JMB-MG+ 350/18 high-pressure trailer with steam function and descaling system in Trondheim, the third biggest city in Norway

Trondheim is a real front runner when it comes to sustainable and environmentally friendly products and solutions. The city has the ambitious aim of an 85% emission reduction by 2023 compared to 2019 levels.

Hence, when a machine is due for replacement the most environmentally friendly alternative will always be sought. Considering the city had also already invested in a biogas filling station in cooperation with Coop Norge, the choice for the DiBO JMB-MG as a high-pressure unit working fully on CNG was the obvious one. 

The Norwegian city will deploy its new mobile high-pressure cleaner for general cleaning tasks in and around the city, as well as for cleaning street furniture, car parks, bicycle sheds and bus stops, for sewer cleaning, graffiti removal and for the maintenance of listed buildings, public places and squares. In a nutshell, to keep the street scene in Trondheim spick and span.

Green cleaning with the DiBO JMB-MG high pressure-unit

The DiBO JMB-MG is an innovative and powerful hot water high-pressure trailer that operates fully on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). The trailer is equipped with a Kubota water-cooled engine running on CNG-Gas with CAN BUS controlled ECU, which accurately manages all engine parameters under control of the DiBO control unit. This engine is also equipped with a heat recovery system that partially preheats the cleaning water.

Advantages of the JMB-MG high-pressure cleaner on a trailer:

  • 18 kW water-cooled Kubota CNG engine with heat recovery system. The heat recovery system means less energy consumption is needed to bring the cleaning water up to temperature.
  • 70 kW new generation DiBO GreenBoiler-CNG. This environmentally friendly burner runs on CNG gas, meaning lower fuel costs, higher efficiency and lower CO2 emissions
  • digital operation with joystick: simple and intuitive.
  • unique storage system for tools and accessories.
  • extremely quiet thanks to the double-walled protective polyester guard.