New DiBO NEW 2000 D4 self-service car wash in Loo, Estonia

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A brand new DiBO self-service car wash recently opened its doors in Loo, a village in the north of Estonia. It concerns a DiBO NEW 2000 of the type D4, in which the operating totems are seamlessly integrated into the supporting columns of the building. Both the technical installation and the building were supplied by DiBO and expertly installed on site by our Estonian dealer, Tamway.

The car wash has four covered washing boxes, each separated by tinted glass partition walls, with the technical space in between in which all machines, appliances and supply tanks are assembled. The control panels are made of burglary-proof and touch-sensitive glass.

The system is equipped with no fewer than seven wash programs: rim cleaner, easy foam, pre-wash, brush, rinse, hot wax and gloss rinsing with osmosis water. Customers can pay contactless with a payment system that works with Near Field Communication (NFC).


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