The first DiBO hot water high-pressure trailer for Estonia!

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Our Estonian DiBO dealer Tamway in Harjumaa, a province in the northern part of Estonia, recently added a DiBO JMB-S+ 200/18 high-pressure trailer to its machinery fleet. The new unit will mainly be used as a demo machine and for rental purposes.

This concerns the full option “+” version of the trailer. The design has electronic level indication for the fuel and water tank and electronic gas control with automatic idle speed.

Advantages of the JMB-S high-pressure cleaner on a trailer:

  • digital operation with joystick: simple and intuitive
  • highly versatile in use thanks to its own power source and autonomous operation, particularly in places where no electricity supply is available 
  • fitted with the latest green technologies (including the DiBO GreenBoiler)
  • enormous fuel savings (33%) due to the combination of a GreenBoiler (18%) and heat-exchanger (15%)
  • 90 kW heating capacity, so the water heats up very quickly to the set cleaning temperature
  • extremely quiet thanks to the double-walled protective guard in UV-resistant rotationally moulded polyethylene