New DiBO self-service car wash with three covered washing boxes in Nádudvar, Hungary

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The end of the summer saw the opening of a new DiBO self-service car wash in Nádudvar, a town in the eastern part of Hungary. This is a DiBO NEW 2000 self-carwash with free-standing operating totems (D5 type). The operating totems and the technical installation were supplied by DiBO and installed on-site by our Hungarian dealer Radinum, who also took responsibility for the construction of the building. A completely unique building structure was used, that perfectly fits in with all the local constructional requirements.

The installation has three covered washing boxes, with the technical space alongside in which all machines, appliances and supply tanks are assembled. The control panels are made of intruder-proof and touch-sensitive glass.

The car wash is also equipped with the full range of washing programs such as: insect remover, shampoo, brush, hot wax and high gloss rinsing with osmosis water. Customers can pay contactless with the Nayax payment system that works with Near Field Communication (NFC).