New DiBO built-in high-pressure unit for Brussels Fire Service

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Brussels Fire Service recently became the proud owner of a DiBO JMB-M I 200/30 built-in high-pressure unit for cleaning with superheated water (110° C). Delivery originated from smooth cooperation between DiBO dealer Willemen, DiBO België BV and auto transformation company ACT Research.

The hot water high-pressure cleaner is suitable for two-person operation and was integrated in one of the city's fire engines together with two 1,000 litre water storage tanks. Brussels Fire Service will mainly use this new facility for cleaning work after emergencies.

Advantages of the JMB-M built-in high-pressure cleaning installation:

  • simple and clear operation
  • highly versatile in use thanks to its own power source and autonomous operation, particularly in places where no electricity supply is available 
  • fitted with the latest green technologies (including the DiBO GreenBoiler)
  • enormous fuel savings (33%) with the combination of GreenBoiler and heat-exchanger
  • 130 kW heating capacity, so the water heats up very quickly to the set cleaning temperature