Timmermans cleans facades with the DiBO JMB-M

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DiBO België N.V. delivered a JMB-M 350/18 to Timmermans Gevelreiniging in Riemst. Owner Daniel Timmermans: "As the name of our company implies, we are specialized in spray cleaning all kinds of facades. Because the latest generations of bricks may not always be sprayed, we started looking for an alternative for treating delicate facades. DiBO came up with the solution: a high-pressure cleaner with steam function! We were immediately charmed by the JMB-M 350/18, because it’s the only machine that can steam up to 140 °C. The trailer is a very decent machine, and we are very satisfied with the support of DiBO".


In line with the company motto "#CleanGREEN ... for a cleaner and greener world!" the JMB-M was developed and produced in an energy efficient and environmentally responsible way:

  • The combination GreenBoiler and heat exchanger provides a considerable fuel saving
  • The auto-stop system is also environmentally friendly