DiBO washing box operating at full speed

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Avri, a service provider for ten local authorities in the field of waste and public space management, relied on DiBO Project(s) for the development of a washing box for its vehicle fleet. The result is a sight to behold: an environmentally friendly total package that satisfies all the requirements of the customer!

The focus is on re-use with the collection and processing of household waste and raw materials. The green Avri lorries therefore ensure a clean Rivierenland, but the vehicles must also obviously stay clean themselves!

To solve this cleaning problem, in September 2014 Avri called upon the assistance of DiBO Project(s). In consultation with the customer, a ready-made project was developed to clean these special vehicles, also in poorly accessible places. A mere one year later the washing box is already up to full speed.


“The concept must be intelligent, convenient and quick to put in place”, says Michael van Dijk, director at DiBO Project(s). “This is why we opted for a prefabricated technical space that we could assemble on the site plug-and-play. A total of three washing boxes were provided: one with a walkway to the lorries and to also be able to clean the deposit section at the top, and two for smaller vehicles.”

The washing process itself consists of two different cycles. Michael van Dijk: “First there is foam cleaning and high-pressure cleaning with hot water at all washing boxes with a C-rail system. This is a construction with guide rails where the hoses do not touch the ground so there is less wear as a result. Then there is medium-pressure cleaning with a high flow rate to remove the coarse dirt with street sweepers and refuse lorries. For optimal and comfortable cleaning we also have easy to operate hose reels on the walkway and simple single-button operation.”

The environmentally friendly aspect of the installation was very important to both Avri and DiBO. Michael van Dijk: “We ensured an ergonomic layout for the washing box so cleaning can take place with speed and efficiency. The water is heated intelligently and cleanly by means of natural gas. Finally, we have provided the technical space with extra insulation to keep the consumption of fossil energy to a minimum.”

Peter Pals, head of Buildings & Installations at Avri, took the reins for the whole project. “We approached different companies to submit a proposal for our washing installation. It was particularly important to us to be able to wash vehicles from height. We gave the parties complete freedom regarding the layout of the washing locations. DiBO Project(s) came up with an appealing and complete plan straight away. The positive experience from previous cooperation also played a decisive part in deciding to join up with them. And on top of that, their branch in Waardenburg is very close by, something that is always convenient with maintenance, etc. in mind.

Peter Pals is full of praise for the cooperation with the DiBO team. “They worked well with us right from the start. We are very satisfied with the end result. After delivery there are obviously always still some minor points for improvement, and with DiBO I have the feeling that they know how to go about this just that little bit better than other companies. We have even already asked them for an extension: at present the medium-pressure cleaning with a high flow rate is only available on the ground. We would also like to extend this to the walkway.”

“DiBO Project(s) really turned this into prestigious achievement. They can now perfectly use our washing box as example for potential customers. We also obviously appreciated the extra investments such as a touchscreen and panels. An excellent example of a good partnership!”