DiBO launches first carwash with NFC payment system in France

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The first DiBO self-service carwash with a payment system that allows customers to pay cashless and contactless has been opened in Pau (France). On the control panel, which is made of anti-vandalism and touch-sensitive glass, you can choose one of the three payment methods: an app on your smartphone (you can recharge by credit card, PayPal and pre-paid card), debit or credit card  (with NFC function) or washcard (you can recharge through the app). This is a fast, easy and safe system for both the customer and the owner of the carwash, beacause there is no longer cash money in circulation.

The self-carwash in Pau is a New 2000 D4 with two covered washing boxes that each have three swinging arms. Customers can choose from as many as seven washing programs: rim cleaner, pre-wash, foaming with lance, brush wash, rinsing, hot wax and high gloss rinsing. Dealer CTW installed and delivered the carwash.