DiBO HS-TWI washes trains at 20 km/h in The Hague

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The train washer in The Hague is the second HS-TWI - after Enschede - that DiBO Project(s) installed for NedTrain, a part of the NS Groep that is specialized in servicing trains. Michael van Dijk of DiBO Project(s): “Cleaning the exterior of the trains is a top five priority for NedTrain. We notice that there’s an urgent need to wash the vehicles clean and frequently.”

“To meet the demands of NedTrain, we are elaborating a few new developments at the moment. The first one is the expansion of the washing installation with a so-called skirt brush that is able to wash under the footboards (the space between the platform and the wheel set) by means of a tilting system with longer bristles. The second innovation is an extension with roof edge brushes which can also wash the windows at the curved top of the vertical sides.

The HS-TWI in Enschede has been put into operation early this year, the installation in The Hague followed in September. This latest HiSpeed-TWI consists of four brushes on each side and a larger technical container, with more room for equipment. The side of the train can be washed at a maximum speed of 20 km/h. The shunting is connected as efficiently as possible to the effectiveness of the washing installation. Michael van Dijk: “A special feature in this HS-TWI is that we add detergent not only at the pre-spray arch, but also at the brushes. That makes the rubbing process of the products much more intensive.”

Meanwhile DiBO Project(s) is already working on a new HS-TWI for NedTrain in Leidschendam. "A special thing about this installation is that there are several tracks and the trains drive through possibilities in both directions. This makes an in- and outbound wash possible, instead of the traditional return-washing," says van Dijk.