Easy to use thanks to intuitive commands. Brush, solution and vacuum inserted by one unique command or singularly upon necessity.

Adjusting handle even during working operations. Ideal for poorly accessible places.

Tank easily removable to check the internal areas of machine.

Brush, blades and suction hoses replacement without tools.

Deactivation and re-start of working function simply with a command on handle. It includes brush and suction delayed stop for irregular working stages.

Anti-foam system with special mechanical suction motor protection.

Self-levelling mechanical system for an always perfect adherence between brush and floor.

B- & C-version: Parabolic floor nozzle delivers a perfect drying result. Even in very small and narrow spaces.

BT-R-Version: Straight floor nozzle front and back

Yellow operator maintenance areas. Brush with maximum consumption indicator

Motor gear box, suction motor and electric components of high quality

ECO SELECT brings a reduction of energy consumption and a 20% increase in daily cleaning productivity. The noise level has fallen by 2 dB so cleaning can even be done in delicate environments.

The life of the battery has been doubled

Nylon standard brush with maximum consumption indicator

Automatic brush click-on/off

Solution adjust and closure valve

Positioned in height discharge hose (ø 32 mm)



Brush rotation: independent oil bath motor gear box

Suction: 3 stages with stainless steel fans and shaft

Plastic parts with long life

Tanks: great thickness high density polyethylene

Squeegee blades: made in Latex usable on 4 sides

Hoses: suction and discharge made in high resistance polyurethane

Wheels: oil resistant


Chassis: double treatment with galvanizing + die-casting

Bearings: shielded against humidity and water seepages

Bolts and nuts: made in stainless steel where there are water contacts

Electric system

Carbon brushes: easily changeable

Boards: equipped with protective film against water and humidity

Solenoid valve: with Viton membrane resistant against chemical agents

Display: battery level

Control panel

Brush, solution and vacuum inserted by one unique command or singularly upon necessity.



Front squeegee blade (PU) (>>> CT15-B35R)
Rear squeegee blade (PU) (>>> CT15-B35R)
Cilindrical nylon brush PPL - standaard