The SWEEPER 1450 E is designed for professional use and is therefore extremely suitable for fast and effective cleaning of large-sized areas.
This ride on sweeper is available in an electric version with batteries (1450 EH) and a version with a 8,4 HP diesel engine (1450 ED). This cleaning machine is equipped with exclusive technologies and motorizations. The filtering system, with polyester panel filter, ensure optimum results, superior to those of same range machines available on the market, for an efficient dust microfiltration.(up to 3 micron). The SWEEPER 1450 is also equipped with a great capacity hydraulic waste hopper (105 l) with lifting up to 1430 mm height for discharge operations.



Closed hydraulic circuits on both traction and sweeping system

Main brush with special “V” shape, allows maximum performances of debris collection.

NDC System (No dirt in curve) Automatic inwards brush movement whilst turning

3 different pressure levels on the main brush

Self-levelling mechaincal system for a perfect adherence between the brush and the floor

Dust microfiltration up to 3 micron through special panel filter

Hydraulic waste hopper lifting at medium heights up to 1430 mm

3 pre-programmed working settings

Side brushe with speed adjustment

Easy to use control panel

Rot-proof polyester dust filter with effective filter-shaking system

Main brush and filterreplacement without tools

Dust flap-raising system for outside rubbish collection (e.g. ball of paper).

Traction: hydrostatic type on front wheel, 16% climbing rate

Standard front lights and flashing beacon


Chassis in fully coated steel

Polypropylene standard brushes

Electronic traction on front wheel, 16 % climbing rate (B-Model)

hydrostatic type on front wheel, 16% climbing rate (D-Model)

Autostop: deactivation and re-start of working functions simply by traction pedal

Filtering surface: 4 m²


SKU Description mm mm Drive mm kg m²/h
3.122.056 1450 DH 1460 800 8,4 PK Diesel motor 24 V 45 A alternator 1600x1199x1360 605 8760
3.122.056 1450 EH 1460 800 24 V - 480 Ah (C5) Battery 1600x1199x1360 540 8760



"Medium" main brush for indoor and outdoor use
"Medium" side brush for indoor and outdoor use (2 pieces)
Polyester filter


Natural main brusch
Steel alloy main brush for heavy soiling
”Steel alloy” side brush for heavy soiling