Di Bo Roll Over Sfeer 1900X475


Advanced technology for a lasting success and reliability

Dibo Roll Over Stargate S9 Photocells Barrier

Technical Data Sheet


  • Galvanized and painted steel frame
  • ABS claddings *
  • Direct gantry drive with inverter
  • High resistance aviation type rivets
  • Stainless steel bolts

Vertical brushes

  • Galvanized steel single beam guide rail
  • Electrical motion with inverter
  • Double brushing on front and rear of the car
  • Double tilt and locking by means of cylinder
  • Electronic power control

Horizontal brush

  • Electrical lifting with inverter
  • Electronic power control
  • Stainless steel guide rails


  • Horizontal stainless steel contour blade, adjustable on 3 positions
  • Electrical lifting with inverter
  • Stainless steel guide rails
  • Side drying with 2 electric blowers
  • Fall arrest safety system

Standard equipment

  • Hydraulic system with solenoid valves and special manifolds
  • Shampoo dosing pump
  • Wax dosing pump
  • Single wall festoon cable loop supply
  • Control with display and wall button board
  • Self-Service arrangement fully integrated in the machine's electronics

* Optional

Standard features

Five frequency converters

Five frequency converters

The five frequency converters deliver a rapid smooth pass for a precise wash on every part of the vehicle.



Contour following stainless steel horizontal blade tilting in 3 positions.

Two horizontal electric blowers 3 kW/each. Two lateral electric blowers 4 kW/each.



Lifting belt loosening  alarm.

Blade anti-fall locking system on drying.

Wax application

Wax application

The wax is applied by top nozzles and laterally delivered by nozzles positioned close to the vehicle sides for a perfect water-repellent effect.

A wide range of accessories, a few examples:


High  pressure  system pre-wash:



Tilting wheel washer with fully integrated rotating high pressure, for a thorough cleaning of rim, wheel arches and sills.

Fixed lateral

Fixed lateral

Fixed lateral jets for a powerful pre-wash.

High pressure contour following

High pressure contour following

Contour following stainless steel blade with 3 position tilt delivering maximum water impact for a most complete pre-wash.

Stainless steel wheel washer:



The reversal of rotation and inclination of the brush allows a thorough cleaning of the rims of every dimension.

High pressure pump system:

Choices of 42, 84 or 126 liters high pressure pumps system, for a powerful pre-wash. Available in insulated outdoor cabinet or in frame for technical room.

Sensitive side brushes:

Tilting side brushes, electronically controlled, perfectly adapting to the profile of the car.

Synchro System:

Drier beam lowers into position as horizontal brush lifts to park, top high pressure arch lifts to park as horizontal brush lowers into position, saving further seconds of programme times.


Photocells’ Barrier (Optional)

Photocells Barrier S9

Thanks to the photocells’ barrier it is possible to detect any shape of the vehicle, maximizing the contact of the horizontal brush and the passage of the drying blade.

High precision of detection
Automatic detection of particular shapes (Pickup, Skibox, Lightbars, etc.)

High Speed Detection
First pass up 20 m/min.

High Smoothness of Functioning
Drying blade - Horizontal brush 

Horizontal High Pressure.