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DiBO is fully specialized in building, installing and starting up truck- and bus-wash installations. For the other combined conveniences around truck- and bus-wash we prefer to cooperate with carefully selected partners specialists.Building projects: DiBO truck wash

When DiBO is requested to realize a global truck wash project from A to Z, we will cooperate with carefully selected partners.

Truck wash project

Together with our customer, we realized a complete customized truck-wash installation equipped with:

  • Foam
  • High pressure 
  • Medium pressure

This high pressure wash installation is suitable for the cleaning all models of vehicles, like tankers, dustcarts, bulktrailers, (tank) containers, and all vehicles with deviating forms, which cannot be cleaned with brush wash installations.

DiBO Project Wasplaats Avri New 01
High pressure multi truck wash
DiBO Truckwash Technische Ruimte 02
Plug-and play technical room in container
DiBO Truckwash Technische Ruimte Inrichting03
Inside view technical room
DiBO Truckwash C Rail Systeem 04
C-rail system for safe use of the hoses
DiBO Project Wasplaats Avri Schuiminstallatie05
Foam cleaning system
DiBO Project Wasplaats Avri Loopbrug
Gangway for cleaning the hard to reach places
DiBO Project Wasplaats Avri Beeld Van Wasplaats Met Loopbrug
The gangway is equipped with hose reels and easy command system
DiBO Truckwash Middendrukoplossing08
Medium pressure with a high flow rate
DiBO Truckwasinstallatie Maatwerk08
Additional custom features