DiBO Project(s) installs a tram washer in Norway

DiBO Project(s) installs a tram washer in Norway

DiBO Project(s) has produced a brand new tram wash system for the transport company Bybanen in BergenNorway. The result is one of the most beautiful wash bays in the world!

In 2013 Bybanen started searching for a tram wash manufacturer. An Irish technical procurement office asked DiBO Project(s) to make an offer. Together with our Norwegian dealer we got the job. The DiBO team was responsible for the assembly and testing, our local dealer provides service and maintenance.

Bybanen projects 52 tram washes a day in this hall. Because the Stadler vehicles have to be cleaned in a short time, DiBO Project(s) implemented the Rotomat TBW Tandem. Herewith the tramcars can be washed front- and backwards from the center and backwards to optimize the washing time.

On customers demand, the installation has been equipped with a chassis washer, special safety devices and a SBH-E electrical heated high pressure unit for cleaning the wheels and tram components. This high pressure hot water unit is equipped with two hose reels and can be operated remotely.

This installation has a unique tilting system: at the front and the back of the vehicle, the side brushes are pivoted front- or backwards to wash this section efficiently in this tilted position. The automatic lubrication system completes this maintenance-friendly machine!

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