With its WeedKiLLER DiBO offers an environmentally friendly weed and moss killer that also works as a high pressure cleaner. This machine kills weeds and moss in the most efficient way without pesticides by spraying with hot water.

Studies indeed show that water hotter than 83 °C immediately kills weeds. The WeedKiLLER uses water at 99 °C, that with its thermal conductivity can penetrate deep into the ground and also kill roots and seeds. Because the weeds are not able to flower or spread, there is also a preventive effect and weeds are kept away longer.

There are three versions of the WeedKiLLER: The compact E, the M on a trailer and the L skid version. The WeedKiLLER M and L are fitted with the latest technologies: track & trace system and digital operation.

This is why a DiBO WeedKiLLER is the right choice:

  • Energy-saving: GreenBoiler and diesel motor with ecological heat-exchanger ensure economical fuel use and low CO2 emissions
  • A minimal environmental impact: increasing numbers of authorities are prohibiting the use of pesticides. Research has demonstrated that hot water/steam is the most effective alternative
  • Highly effective: three treatments per year suffice (depending on the weeds and the weather conditions during application)
  • Kills just about all kinds of weeds
  • For use on any surface
  • Multifunctional use: weed and moss killer, high pressure sewer and paving cleaner
  • For use by two persons at the same time
  • Safe: temperature, pressure and water flow protection