DiBO never rests on its laurels and always thinks ahead! 

Our most recent and expected innovations:

  • Open door detection.
  • Following the train with a combination of radar, infrared and axle-counting sensors.
  • Remote assistance during maintenance by ADSL connection (VPN).
  • Adaptations and repairs by ADSL connection (VPN).
  • The washing pressure of the brush adjusted by the active measurement of the motor current.
  • Sensor system for wind detection and automatic brush pressure adjustment.
  • Intensive washing with abrasive brushes.
  • Percentage mixing system for mixing washing and chemical products with water.
  • Full visualization of the washing installation with a 22“ Smarttouch panel.
  • Full visualization of the water treatment with a 22“ Smarttouch panel.
  • Assistance during maintenance with a pop-up-menu with .pdf documents for explanation using the touch panel.
  • Automatic locomotive recognition using a TAG system.
  • Automatic reports by text and email. 
  • A recording system to view wash reports and logbooks by ADSL and send them by mail.
  • Drying windows with rotating textile brushes.
  • Automatic adjustment of the water pressure and flow rate depending on train distance and speed. 
  • Siemens hardware and software.
  • All sensors, mechanical and electronic components made of European standard components.