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Rail wash

DiBO rail wash installations

DiBO has more than 35 years of experience in the development of specialized washing installations for track vehicles. Besides the more standard train washing installations, we also supply custom-made solutions for all possible regional, local or urban rail vehicles. 

Starting with an advisory role we guide our customers through the whole course of the project, from the concept phase to acceptance! 

Important properties for new washing installations and those for renovation:

  • Wash quality
  • Environmentally friendly and energy-saving
  • Working life of at least 25 years

The environment

In the course of the years our team of specialists has built up enviable knowledge of the treatment of waste water from railwash systems. We use biological and chemical treatment procedures to produce water for re-use and to make it suitable for discharging in the public sewers. To achieve this we had to go in search of chemical products that are a combination of washing product and iron solvent.

Another factor is active bacteria that can be harmful to public health and may be present in the waste water. A special ultraviolet treatment has been conceived for this, ensuring that germination is reduced to a minimum.

We have a range of biological and chemical answers to all these environmental questions in combination with pH-acceptable detergents. This knowledge in combination with tests on-site enable us to select the type of system in combination with the washing products to be used that offers the best solution with the technical aspect of the environment also in mind.