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Brush gantry

Brush gantry with 3 brushes

A self-driving gantry, executed with 2 side brushes and one roof brush, mounted on massive rails with toppling protection, is the solution for the cleaning of buses and “closed” trucks. In short, all commercial vehicles with flat sides. This gantry has a washing height of 4.20 metres. The 7 standard washing programmes are distinguishable by their brush pressure and initial height of the roof brush.

Wash programmes:

  • passenger car
  • van
  • bus
  • lorry/truck
  • trailer
  • lorry/truck with trailer
  • tractor with semi-trailer

The Touch Screen command of the gantry is integrated in the machine itself or is placed externally of the machine.

Further options are:  chassis washer, payment and invoice system, high pressure spray hoses, oil/petrol separator with drains, osmosis installation, water recuperation (regeneration), but also various vacuum cleaners, carpet-beaters, carpet-washers, etc.

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