New DiBO NEW 2000 D5 self-service car wash in Szolnok (Hungary)

New DiBO NEW 2000 D5 self-service car wash in Szolnok (Hungary)

A new DiBO self-service car wash with a very remarkable architecture recently opened in Szolnok, a city in the centre of Hungary. It is already the second DiBO installation for the city. The technical installation for the NEW 2000 self-service car wash with free-standing operating totem (type D5) was supplied by DiBO and installed by our Hungarian dealer Radinum, who also took responsibility for the building constructions.

Unique design of self-service car wash buildings

Because the car wash is located centrally on separate land, the customer had to come up with a quite drastic solution to comply with building regulations. The unique design comprises two separate car wash buildings with adjacent intruder-proof technical space. Each of the buildings houses two covered washing boxes.

The installation offers no fewer than seven washing programs: insect remover, shampoo, easy foam, brush, rinse, hot wax and high gloss rinsing with osmosis water. Customers can pay by means including a payment system that works with Near Field Communication (NFS).

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